These limited edition collector's discs are only available from a small number of prestigious museums and galleries and from Brandon Music. Normally retailing at $50.00 but only $45.00 here plus s&h. The CDs come in metal presentation cases and are a fine investment for anyone intersted in the world of visual artists.
Click here for limited edition signed prints by some of the artists featured on these CDs

"Mined out of TIme"

Performance artist Connie Beckley makes multimedia presentations for the stage combining texts, music, dialogues and visual elements. This sound work was created in 2008.

Playing time 50.44


"Uh yes uh no"

A unique performance by a unique personality, Warhol produces a soundwork in his own inimitable style - a real collector's item! Also contains an introdction by Ivan Karp.

Playing time 62.04


"Story of an Artist"
Johnston is a phenomenon - in the pop and visual art fields. His songs have been recorded and sung by hundreds of top performers. THe Sony Pictures documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" won Best Director award at Sundance. His visual works have appeared in many major galleries and museums. Singer, songwriter, poet, writer and painter, Johnston's drawings have, in the words of Carter Ratcliff, "seismographic immediacy" - the same can be said of his songs and writings as found on this special CD.

Playing time 34.43

See also limited edition signed print by Johnston here


"The Big Bad Art Thing & other poems"
Ratcliff is an internationally renowned art critic who has received numerous awards and honors; also a contributing editor to Art in America. His poetry has appeared in several publications and encompasses a wide landscape of human strength and weakness, ancient and contemporary lives and a keen attention to rhythm. The CD contains 21 items.

Playing time 54.01


"Hillside Meditation"
Carter Ratcliff says of Soong's work: "Flat surface, straight edges and right-angled corners are remade in the image of the artist, and in her generosity she gives the image an astonishing power of implication." The simple, often stark images can showus everything from cityscapes at high speed to skies in slow motion. Here Soong reveals the spirit and personality which produces these resonant images

Playing time 62.37

See also limited edition signed lithograph "Hillside Meditation" here


In conversation with Barbara MacAdam
Eric Fischl is an artist with a calm, steady, illuminated gaze, and a special distinctive brushstroke. Here he talks about his work adndtechnique in a perceptive and fascinating discussion.

Playing time 56.48

See also limited edition signed lithograph by Fischl here


In Conversation
Ivan Karp has been in the art world for over fifty years - first as an art critic wirting for the legendary Village Voice and later as propriertor of his own gallery, the first to be established in Soho, NY. He was the first to take an interst in the young Andy Warhol and was responsible for boosting the careers of several 'breakthrough' artist of the 1960s and 1970s. Throughout, Karp was at the forefront of the art scene in New York at a time of revolutionary change.

This CD is an extensive discussion with Karp about the ar world and his role in it. He talks about Warhol, Lichtenstein, Pollock and many others; the art market and a personal view of art history. An invaluable collectors item.

Playing time 49.00

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