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An extension to our authentic English tea-room at Brandon Music offers for sale rare vintage English china and porcelain as well as a small but select range of new and novelty tea-wares - and more is being added all the time as we source original items in the UK.

Please note these items are not yet in our on-line store so cannot be ordered on-line.

We also stock a range of new teapots, and tablewares, from Whittard of Chelsea, ForLife and Old Amsterdam. A range of novelty wares from the Great British Pottery Co will be introduced soon. The items below are only a small selection of current stock.

You can purchase by phone (802 465 4071) using most credit and debit cards (not Amex)

SECTION 1 vintage and antique teawares
All items are in new or near perfect condition except where mentioned, with some minor signs of wear depending on age.

Hammersley fine bone china was based at Alsager from 1887. The company was bought by the American Carborundum Co. in 1966.

Victorian Violets - a much sought -after that displays an abundance of violets. Marked "Victorian Violets from England's Countryside by Hammersley

Teacup and saucer $29.95
(either standard cup or 'can' style pictured)
in stock: 7 cans, 6 cups, 8 saucers

Small side plate: $13.95
in stock: 13 (1 embossed style, 2 smooth)
Bread and butter plate: $16.95
in stock: 7 (also one for display, repaired, only $8.00)
small milk jug $33.95 (in stock one only)
large milk jug $38.95 (in stock one only)
small open sugar bowl $33.95 (in stock one only)
large open sugar bowl $38.95 (in stock one only)
scalloped cake plate $69.95 (in stock one only)
square handled cake plate $49.95 (in stock one only)
round handled cake plate $49.95 (in stock one only)

There are also 6 Aynsley saucers in a matching pattern,
which can be sold with the round cups - see below


Aynsley is one of the UK's more sought after brands. These violet pattern saucers, with gold trim, match the round Hammersley cups perfectly.

Aynsley violets saucer $8.95
(in stock : 6)
with round Hammersley teacup in matching pattern: $19.95



Royal Tuscan china was initially made by the Plant family firm which merged with the renowned Suzy Cooper Co in the 1950s and was taken over by Wedgewood in 1967

Teacup and saucer: $15.95
(in stock 7 sets, 3 spare saucers at $8.95)
Side plate $9.95 (in stock: 10)
Serving platter $29.95 (in stock one only)
Milk jug $19.95 (in stock : 2)
Open sugar bowl: $19.95 (in stock: 2)



Duchess - trade mark of A. T Finney & Sons Ltd, used from 1947

Duchess "Violetta" pattern no. 376
An attractive design with light and dark violets, green leaves and gold trim

Teacup and saucer (footed) $23.45
(in stock 3 sets and 2 spare saucers at $11.25)
Side Plate $15.95 (in stock: 6)


Duchess purple and green leaf with yellow flower - sorry we have not identified the pattern yet.

Serving platter $35.95 (in stock: 2)
Large milk jug $19.95 (in stock: 2)



Royal Doulton is one of the most respected names in pottery - founded by John Doulton, the company made a variety of decorative and practical goods for an affluent market. The company was incorporated in 1854.

Reflection by Royal Doulton (made 1959-1981)
A very elegant design with white flowers and leaves on a dove-grey background

Teacup and saucer $29.95 (in stock: 11 complete sets, plus 1 set with repaired cup at $17.95
Side plate $13.95 (in stock: 12)
Creamer/milk jug $39.95 (in stock: one only)
Open sugar bowl $23.99 (in stock: one only)
Serving platter $40.00 (in stock: 2)


Colclough bone china was produced by Ridgway Potteries in Staffordshire between 1955 and 1964

This pattern features deep red and blush English rose motifs on a pastel pink.

Teacup and saucer $9.95 (in stock: 6 sets)
Side plate $6.95 (in stock: 6)
MIlk jug and sugar basin set $29.95 (in stock one only)
Serving platter $24.95 (in stock one only)



Royal Stafford is a long-established and very popular brand. We have not identified pattern names for some of this yet!

Royal Stafford beautiful blue and gray leaf design edged in silver

Teacup and saucer/side plate trio $26.95 (in stock: one only)
Matching sugar basin $9.95 (in stock: one only)


Butterfly Fine Bone China is from the Potteries areas in Staffordshire

Butterfly breakfast set, pale cream glaze, decorated with a host of daffodils and a butterfly.

Juice pitcher $29.95 (in stock: one only) lovely, butterfly image inside too
Creamer and sugar basin set $29.95 (in stock: one only)
Egg cup $5.95 (in stock: one only)


Ashley Pottery - fine bone china - exquisite dark red filigree design

Cup and saucer set $8.95 (in stock: 3)
also one spare saucer $5.00


Coalport - one of the legendary names in English pottery.

Antique Coalport cup and saucer, in milk-white with gold handle. $20.00.
The saucer has been repaired. (in stock one only)

Gibson antique gilded creamer jug and open sugar basin. $19.95
(in stock one only) - usual slight wear to gold on handle & rims.


Royal Ashmore Christmas Fayre jug - small but sweet $8.95
(in stock one only)

Royal Grafton bone china was founded in the 1900s by Alfred Jones and ceased trading in 1972 after producing a wide range of popular designs.

Royal Grafton - a soft pink, lemon and gold flower design edged in gold

Teacup and saucer $8.95 (in stock - 6)
Side plate $6.95 (in stock - 4)
Milk jug $8.95 (in stock one only)
Serving platter $16.95 (in stock one only)

Wonga Vine - a delightful design featuring the wonga vine which is native to Australia and edged in gold. The cup has the vine motif on the inside too.

Teacup and saucer $14.95 (in stock - 3 and 3 spare saucers at $7.95)
Side plate $11.95 (in stock - 4)
Serving platter $23.95 (in stock one only)

Staffordshire Tea Set Co of Plex Street, Stoke on Trent was established in 1926 and closed in the 1960s. The Pinkie design shows a country girl in a crinoline dress - pieces are edged with gold. An unusual display item.

'Pinkie' from Staffordshire Tea Set Co:
Teacup, saucer and side plate trio $21.95
(in stock - 2)
Teacup alone $8.95 (in stock - one only)
Side plate alone $8.95 (in stock - one only)


Ringtons, of Newcastle upon Tyne, is one of Britain's largest and longest established tea companies. Their caddies, boxes and other wares are very highly collectable.

Ringtons large cream jug $39.95 Made by Wade pottery and is decorated with vintage Ringtons tea packets (one only)

Ringtons small matching jug $20.00 the handle has been repaired (one only)

Ringtons tea mugs in blue design with floral patterns
$9.00 each (in stock - 4)

Sudlam's of Burslem was a smaller pottery very popular in the early part of the 20th century. This 'Gold England' teapot was produced between 1900 and 1940. A little normal wear on the gold on spout and handle.

Sudlam's Gold England teapot $65.00 (one only)

Sadler's teapots are recognized in the UK as synonymous with good quality and taste. The company was founded in 1882 and is still a leading maker today. Sadler's is most famous for its traditional 'Brown Betty' teapots.

Sadlers 'Autumn Apple' (pattern no. 4421) $30.00
(one only)

Chelson China - a design in fine bone, decorated with spring flowers with a soft green rim.

Teapot $17.95 (one only)
Matching small milk jug $12.95 (one only)


The blue and white stripe was almost universal (together with creamware) on English kitchenware until the 1960s and this most traditional kitchen ware design goes back centuries - this modern (1980s) pot is a superb variation on the old mixing bowl pattern.

Cornish Blue teapot $25.00 (one only)


Fairly modern, not antique - and not to everyone's taste, but for a country home, this practical and usable tea-for-one set features odd leaf and flower patterns and a ladybird on top.

Ladybird tea-for-one set $19.95 (one only)


An interloper:

Delicate teapot in white with pale blue decoration from Czechoslovakia - souvenir of a long-gone country and practical too.

Czech teapot $10.00 (one only)

Myott Melody 2 tier cake stand with a hand engraved pattern of blue roses. Some slight damage underneath the base tier invisible unless inverted. $15.95 (one only)
Royal Grafton 2-tier fine bone china cake stand, with pink flower design and gold rim
$29.95 (one only)
Royal Grafton elegant coffee set in pink, gray and fawn flower and leaf design
coffee pot $40.00 (one only)
coffee cup and saucer $10.95 (in stock - 6)
open sugar bowl $12.95 (one only)
Royal Stafford 'Pink Rose" fine china coffee set
Pink rose and forget-me-not design with fluted edge and gold rim.
Coffee pot $40.00 (one only)
Coffee cup and saucer $10.95 (in stock - 5 sets and one spare saucer at $5.00)

Wedgewood - the Mistral design of 1994 is in the Greek classical shape with blue and yellow decoration - totally sophisticated.

Wedgewood Mistral coffee pot $84.95 (one only)

Royal Tudor - 'Fruits and Flowers' design - redolent of the English cottage garden rather than the manor house but attractive and traditional
Fruits and Flowers Coffee Pot $35.00 (one only)

Aristocratic and antique caddies can be rosewood or other quality woods, but in the 1940s tea companies such as Ringtons produced metal caddies like this, in many designs, for the 'man in the street'. Unusually this one from the early 1950s is as new inside too, and has a cream bakelite handle. Chrome plated externally.

Ringtons (?) 1940s tea caddy $25.95 (one only)



Odds and ends!

a Lane End small planter, shaped to complement many tea-set designs and shapes - and particularly the almost identical Chelson set shown above.

$9.95 (one only)

SECTION 2 Novelty English teapots!
Specially imported from the UK - fully functional and practical as well as a talking-point. from the Great British Pottery Co.

London Bus Teapot - 3 cup capacity in the form of a traditional Routemaster.

Great table talking point!

$32.95 + $12.00 shipping


London Scenes tepaot - 3 cup capacity

Ideal gift if you want to pretend you've been to London!

$27.95 + $12.00 shipping


Union Jack Teapot - 3 cup capacity

Perfect for ex-pat Brits!

$24.95 + $12.00 shipping


Big Ben tea-for one set

The ultimate pot-and-cup set for one-upmanship and great fun.

$24.95 + $12.00 shipping


Pillarbox tea-for-one set

The traditional British posting box ready to serve you !

$24.95 + $12.00 shipping


Pillarbox teapot - 3 cup capacity

$32.95 + $12.00 shipping


Traditional Phone box (what you Americans call a booth!) - a fantastic 3-cup capacity teapot (or coffee pot even)

$32.95 + $12.00 shipping

Stock is constantly being added - this page is being developed between other jobs!

We also have ten boxes of fine china waiting for shipment from Yorkshire