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updated 28 June 2017


LATEST NEWS (to see last 15 months news items go to the archivepage)

June 28: Working at top speed on a new album for violinist Madeleine Mitchell of contemporary though lyrical (not avant-garde) works by British composers - includng pieces by David Matthews, Michael Berkeley,Michael Nyman, Sadie Harrison and Judith Weir and the Violin Concerto 'Soft Stillness' by Guto Puw - we are aiming for an October release (DDA 25160) though there are several factors out of our hands which could affect that plan.

June 19: The next new recording from Ireland in our Metier series will be an album of choral music by John Buckley, performed by The Mornington Singers under their director Orla Flanagan. Buckley's works have appeared in two recent Metier discs (of vocal and piano-trio compositions respectively) and have attracted very positive reviews.

June 17: Update: we are hoping to launch our new website in the first week of July and will be offering all new releases in digital format: lossless FLAC and MP3 and most titles also in studio quality 24-bit HD audio. We will then begin to add digital download facilities to the whole catalog (which will take some time...)

June 17: The series of Carson Cooman's organ music is gaining more and more critical acclaim: the fifth instalment 'Exordium' was just released yesterday! We already have volumes 6 and 7 in the can, so to speak, the first of those will appear in November. Meanwhile also look out for news very soon of a disc of beautiful Christmas Carols by John Turner, an English artsong recital and the latest in our set of recorfcings from Dublin, this time with the choral music of John Buckley. MEANWHILE our four July releases are now available for pre-order and early delivery - see 'Latest Releases' below.

June 9:
Another fascinating new project just transferred from our 'pending' to 'current' list is a fascinating new album of piano trios by English composers - premiere recordings. This will be released on DDA 25158 early next year - More info on the Future Releases page!

June 2: Metier will release a fascinating new album (currently scheduled for November) with a new set of works by English composer David Braid whose most recent album on Toccata was highly praised. ‘Songs, solos and duos' features the velvet tone of the electric archtop guitar in a chamber, solo and vocal setting; also includes Braid's evocative duos for flute/classical guitar and clarinet/piano -  plus  his 1st Piano Sonata: an eclectic range of recent works from the one of the UK's most original yet approachable composers, performed by a dynamic set of world-class players. (MSV 28575)

May 25: For lovers of contemporary music, do check out the brand new and excellent website devoted to new sounds from the UK and Ireland. Sounds lIke Now is at (Issue 2 due out on June 1!)

May 25: We seem to be inundated with new recording projects. Soon to be announced will be a new double album of artsong, for the English Poetry and Song Society; we're prequelling this new recording with the re-issue of four live concert recitals made between 2002 and 2006 (Diversions DDV 24162-5, August 2017). Many new chamber music discs are on the way from both sides of the Atlantic - more news soon!

May 5: Our three superb June releases are already available here. See Latest Releases for details!

May 2: Having just finished work on the fifth volume of Organ music by Carson Cooman, for release in July, we have just started on the next two! This wonderful series is attracting fine reviews, and given Mr Cooman's rate of productivity we see it continuing for quite some time. Look out soon for news of two albums of fine Piano Trios from the late 19th and early 20th century - all workd premieres too.

April 22: Followup to the March 15 item: the brilliant trumpet album from Chris Gekker will be released earlier - "Street Date" is now21 July but look out for it here around early June. Title is 'Ghost Dialogues' (MSV 28572)

April 7: Our May releases can now be ordered from us direct for immediate delivery. Get these wonderful new titles first! See'Latest Releases' below for details and links.

April 3:
New projects include an album of the complete works for clarinet by Christopher Fox, to be performed by top Canadian artist Heather Roche. The album will be recorded over the spring and summer for release maybe at the end of 2017 or early 2018 and will be the fifth album from Metier devoted to Fox. Also, for UK readers, April 10 marks the start of National Parkinson's Awareness Week so please buy up copies of our new disc 'Mind Music' (DDA 25138) and give them to everyone you know - proceeds going to Parkinsons UK, a charity doing exceptionally fine work.

April 3: The lack of news on here is not because of a lack of items - just the opposite, we are so busy we can't even find time to post news items but you will find most news on our Facebook page. Currently we are working with our designers on a brand new website which is in beta testing and we hope will go live in the summer.

March 15: In brief: a new project for Metier features leading American trumpeter Chris Gekker in a progam of contemporary works for trumpet which will be featured amongst the early autumn releases. More information will be placed on the future releases page (link in menu panel to left) soon.

February 15: As its getting busy, we have brought our April releases in to the store over two months ahead of the 'street' date so that our customers can benefit - and of course registered customers can use their discount voucher too. The two new CDs are both of great appeal - music by one of today's best loved TV music composers, and a wondeful album of music for clarinet and orchestra issued to raise funds for research and treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases. See Latest Releases for more. Looking forward we have just signed up three more instalments in our Russian Piano Music series, all mainstream composers (Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev) and much more to come!

February 3: Now available from our online store are three new albums of contemporary music of very different styles: see the Latest Releases below! Music by Schoenberg, Willscher, Clarke and Bodley!

January 28: many new projects are being 'signed up' and we will welcome some super musicians to the label this year. Just a few of the new recordings now in progress are - a new major piano work by Eric Craven (realised and performed by Mary Dullea); a unique DVD featuring silent films both ancient and new, with music from Ed Hughes; and three additions to the Russian Piano Music series from Italian pianists - Alfonso Soldano with Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, and Stefania Argentieri in her debut album for Divine Art plays Prokofiev. More orchestral, chamber and vocal recordings are to be announced soon

January 28: As well as the many new recordings in hand (see the next post) we will also be re-issuing four CDs which were originally made by Dunelm Records for the English Poetry and Song Society, settings of poems by Thomas Hardy, A E Housman, Siegfried Sassoon and many more, by Holst, Moeran, Somervell, Gurney, Finzi, Vaughan Williams and several others, including several of the EPSS competition finalists. These are all live concert recordings and sonically not up to our usual standards but as programmes of wonderful English art song (and most of it never before recorded) they will appeal to all song lovers. The four CDs are titled 'Shropshire Lads', Songs of Dorset', The Great War Remembered' and 'Lights Out'. and should be available (at midprice) around June 2017.

January 3: 2017 sees the 25th anniversaries of both Divine Art and Metier (Athene was formed late in 1991, but we thought a triple celebration more appropriate..... more to come.

January 3: The year begins with very sad news; that pianist Anthony Goldstone has died after a long illness, yesterday (2 Jan). He was 72. One of the most accomplished and brilliant of musicians, his playing (both solo and in duo with his wife Caroline Clemmow), and his research and compositional ability attracted five-star reviews everywhere. We will be updating his profile pages with a fitting tribute in the near future. Meanwhile we are working towards release of Tony's final solo recording which we hope will be available by early summer -and is now in honour of a great musician.

December 27: Due to pending busy workload, we've included our four February releases to the online store already - shipments will begin around 15 January but you can place your orders now, see details under Latest Releases. You can also access the sampler (pdf file and audio links) for quick reference.

December 22: At some point during 2017 we will be moving to a brand new website and online store, meanwhile we've extended and improved our CD customer discount to encourage you to buy direct (if you buy through Amazon etc we only get around 20-30% of the sale price and the musicians don't get adequate recompense). As before the discount is by way of a voucher to be logged at checkout and is given to all subscribers to our NewsLetter (click newsletter in the menu panel on this page) and to anyone making their first online purchase at full price. The new voucher will be for 20% discount - sign up now!. Also during 2017 we'll be setting up a members' circle with special deals for regular customers. Meanwhile Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for 2017 and remeber - streaming is killing the music industry - if you like the music make it yours on CD or download!

December 17: The eclectic and individual American composer Elliott Schwartz has died at the age of 80 after a year long battle with cancer. Despite the rigors of chemo, he bore his illness with typical humor and stoicism and told his friends not to be sad. He leaves a fascinating catalog. We were honored to work with Elliott on the release of his chamber music CD 'Tapestry' (MSV 28537); his Bellagio Variations for string quartet is one of his best known works (MSVCD 92051). We understand that there are plans to record his most recent works for a tribute album in the near future.

December 13: The January releases (5 of them, 4CD and one download-only) are now available here - be the first to own or gift these fine recordings. See details by clicking 'Latest Releases' above. New projects in hand now include the second volume of Anthony Goldstone's 'Piano at the Ballet'. This new album features piano transcriptions of ballet music with a strong French connection. Also from Anthony Goldstone, this time with his wife and long term duet partner Caroline Clemmow, we are proud to announce the re-issue of their landmark recording of Schubert's entire outpur for piano duet. Available also as a download, the CD version will be a a 7-disc box set and will make a fabulous gift for a loved one or yourself....... and will become a collector's item for sure, as it is the only complete recording edition of Schubert's four-hand masterpieces. Both of these recordings are scheduled for release in the summer of 2017.

December 8: Just 'signed' is a super new album of orchestral music by Marcus Blunt. His Symphony No, 2, Piano Concerto (with Murray McLachlan), Bassoon Concertino (with Lesley Wilson) and Aspects of Saturn with the Manchester Camerata conducted by Stephen Threlfall. Just finished the actual recordings, release hopefully to be scheduled for the autumn. Our previous Blunt CD (solo piano music played by McLachlan) was very highly praised indeed - Diversions DDV 24148

December 1: new projects involve chamber works by two British composers, Kevin Raftery and Rob Keeley. Auditioning the pre-master audio reveals exceptionally individual and interesting work from both. The 2017 schedule is starting to take shape and promises (or threatens) to be exceptionally busy..

November 15: Two tracks of contemporary Irish music have been chosen from the Metier catalog  to promote Irish culture. Culture Ireland (the government body which is responsible for the promotion of all Irish arts abroad) are putting together 4 showcase CDs for visiting delegates to Ireland and for distribution by ambassadors and delegates abroad. The project is being co-ordinated by ‘Music from Ireland' with the Contemporary Music Centre in Dublin.   The CDs will not be for sale. The recent and ongoing work at Metier/Divine Art Records  in promoting the wealth of music being written in Ireland is recognized by two tracks being chosen for this project:  ‘Eternity is Now' by Gráinne Mulvey,  performed by soprano Elizabeth Hilliard [from Metier MSV 28551 “Sea to the West”)  and ‘Kaleidoscope' – the second movement of John Buckley's Piano Trio, performed by the Fidelio Trio. (from Metier MSV 28556 “Dancing in Daylight”)

November 4: Work is well advanced on new releases right through to May next year - our January releases (6 in all) will be available in stores and for download on January 20 - CDs available here from around mid December. We are building a new website which will also offer direct downloads - more news soon. Meanwhile the January sampler can be found here.

November 1: Please note that due to changes in our hosting server configuration (which the ISP did not tell us about)... our email addresses are not currently active - our current email addresses can be accessed on the 'about us' page - if you have addresses saved in your email software please update.

October 27: apart from the fact that my gran would have been 119 today, the news concerns pianist and composer Fumiko Miyachi (See Future Releases page) whose album is in production. She has been awarded a "Women make Music" grant by PRS for Music Foundation to support the album release and a supporting concert tour. She has also been listed for the British Composer Awards - Brass Band/Wind Band category, for the composition Au79, which is on the forthcoming album.

October 22: A new recording is being made by pianist Andrew Wright. 'The Operatic Pianist, volume 2' presents transcriptions by several composers of opera themes and fantasies, most are first recordings. This will be a delightful sequel to Andrew's first Operatic Pianist CD (dda 25113) and wil be scheduled for release in late spring or early summer 2017.

October 16: Preliminary announcement of more new recordings to be released early to mid 2017: The accomplished virtuoso pianist Barbara Karaskiewicz whose CD of music by Roman Statkowski remains a constant player in our shop, has recorded an album of works by her countryman Karol Szymanowski. This excellent rendition will add to our imressive catalog of works by the Polish composer, including the recordings by Sinae Lee, Raymond Clarke, Alexander Kostritsa and Alicja Fiderkiewicz. Also new on the project list is a stunning album of music by David Lumsdaine and Nicola LeFanu. This is peformed by Gemini, an ensemble wtih which both compsoers (who are also husband and wife) with soprano Sarah Leaonard and pianist Aleksander Szram. For organ fans, we have a recording of the sublime Organ Symphony No. 5 by Andreas Willscher - to be released in March.

October 14: Digital buyers please note that as from December 1, our recordings will not be available for download through Classics Online. CoL will after that date supply Naxos-owned titles only, and all other labels are being excluded. We strongly recommend obtaining digital recordings through specialist sites such as, qobuz or primephonic, though the full catalog can be found at Amazon and iTunes, and for streaming at Apple, Spotify, Naxos Music Library and almost all other suppliers.

October 12: First buyers of the new Matthews single (see below) are full of praise - " a fantastic pound's worth" said one customer - and it is - normally an 11-minute track would retail for three times as much. We do have to apologise for any difficulties in placing orders last week - BOTH of our shopping cart platforms decided to break down on the same day that we released the single. Many hours were spent chasing the support teams at Miva and ShopSite!. All seems to be fully functional now. We have added PayPal Express Checkout to the UK store; this is very quick if you have a PayPal account, but can also be used to pay by any credit or debit card. Payment by Worldpay remains an option but that system no longer sends an automatic receipt.

October 12: Two new recording projects have just been confirmed, so look out for more detail in due course. First, pianist Alfonso Soldano, whose pioneering disc of Bortkiewicz piano music is released this Friday, is recording an album of music by Castelnuovo-Tedesco. The Italian composer is know for only a very few works, but was quite prolific and this CD will introduce first recordings of several of his fine piano works. For the fan of art-song, a special treat will be an album of songs by the English composer Betty Roe. another composer who has not had the recognition she deserves, though very well esteemed in English song circles. Her songs range from serious to wacky and are very entertaining and well written. A host of top soloists including soprano Sarah Leonard.

October 4: NEW WORLD PREMIERE SINGLE RELEASE. In advance of a new album by leading violinist Madeleine Mitchell to be released next year, we are making an advance release of one track as a digital-only single - the world premiere recording of David Matthews' "Romanza". This will be available from our online store on October 7 and from all other dealers such as Amazon and iTunes from January 20.

September 26: AUDIO SAMPLES: Following a recent server update, links to the old server no longer work. These means that a number of audio sample links for older (pre-2009) recordings are not live. We are working to correct these as quickly as possible. They should all now work, but if you find any broken linkon our site, please let us know

September 24: Now available at the Online stores, are our next exciting batch of releases, which you won't find in dealers until mid November. See the Latest Releases below

September 20: CHANGE OF ADDRESS (UK). As from 1 October our UK Registered Office will be located at our accountants - 176-178 Pontefract Road, Cudworth, Barnsley, S72 8BE. We also have a private address for use by our musicians (advised on request). The UK phone number is now 0203 239 9088, please note this comes to a skype voicemail in our USA office - calls will be charged as if made to London. As our 'real' office runs five hours behind the UK we can answer very few calls immediately - and ONLY calls with a message will be returned. Email is a better method of getting in touch unless you want to place a special order etc.

September 2: One of the star performers on recent album 'Miniaturised Concertos' is pianist/composer Fumiko Miyachi, a brilliant young musician with a sparking future ahead, making her recording debit alongside felow pianist/producer Kate Halsall. We've just signed Fumiko for another debut album, this time of her own works; both piano solo and with various accompaniments. We are also promised a new album from Kate in the near future, with new music for an old instrument (the viol) , which sounds fascinating.

August 30: (see future releases section below) Three fabulous new albums now available here (not available in stores or Amazon/iTunes until 14 October - including superb Romantic piano music, stunning modern vocal works, and a genuine Mozart world premiere! We welcome to the family of Divine Artists soprano Elizabeth Hillard, conductor Santiago Mantas and pianist Alfonso Soldano.

August 26: New projects just signed up include contemporary chamber music from American composer Joshua Fineberg (and whose spectral works were included on MSV 28524) under the name of 'Sonic Fictions' ; and an album of string quartets and other works by Liz Johnson, a British composer who will find much praise for these striking works.

August 3: Despite our prices and delivery times being better on the whole, the majority of customers seem to buy their CDs from Amazon. We are pleased to announce that we have now agreed to provide our catalogue for streaming through Amazon Prime, so subscribers will have access to almost 450 albums -not sure exactly when this goes live but probably around October. In addition we are starting work on a new website, which will have more efficient and user friendly layout and ordering, and will also permit purchase of download audio direct from us.

August 1: The new album 'From the Old World to the New World - music by Philip Henderson - will be available soon. It contains a host of different musical styles reflecting the true story behind this album. We have left our usual comfort zone and will be releasing one of the tracks, a beautiful vocal ballad called 'New York, Sing Me' as a pop single in November. New projects on the classical front include a double disc set of English song, chamber music from Lydia Kakabadse, whose recent chofral CD is getting much praise, new music for piano performed by Fumiko Miyashi and much more.

July 14: New projects include a disc of music for piccolo, co-produced with Bavarian Radio and featuring the wonderfully talented Natalie Schwaabe, the second volume of Anthony Goldstone's "The Piano at the Ballet" -this time with an emphasis on "The French Connection" and another welcome album from The Fidelio Trio, this time devoted to the music for piano trio by Rhona Clarke. Meanwhile the September 2016 sampler is available for download - find the link on the Home page - and those two CDs will be available for pre-release purchase in early August.

June 14: Fantastically good reviews continue to stream in for the recent releases - check them out on the home page or CD info pages: you can receive updates on all new reviews and news by friending us on Facebook and subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Meanwhile, new projects now confirmed include a fourth disc of organ music from the ever-inspired Carson Cooman, and many more in process.

June 4: We are looking forward to a very busy time with a record number of projects in the pipeline. Just confirmed are a disc of contemporary vocal music from Ireland, wind sonatas from Peter Hope (composer of one of the long running BBCTV News themes), and a disc of chamber music by Jim Parker - beautiful, wonderful truly 'light classical' music from the composer of the music for Midsomer Murders, Foyle's War and many other TV and film productions.

May 28: The last week spent in Munich at the annual sales meetings with our worldwide distributors, and many new developments and opportunities.. and several new projects about to begin - including a fine collection of English music from pianist Elspeth Wyllie, the newest Divine Artist, and instrumentalists (as ever, see the New Releases page).

May 15: Our three July release are all now available to buy (CD only) here now - see details in the Latest Releases section below. Be the first to own these new recordings of music from the 19th to 21st centuries - nearly all first recordings. We are also honored to welcome to our family, Vyacheslav Artyomov, the greatest composer in Russia today, with two wonderful recordings of symphonies and other orchestral works including one CD conducted by the legendary Vladimir Ashkenazy. You can check these out in our Sampler.

May 4: New projects now confirmed (see Future Releases) include two excellent CDs by pianist Natalia Andreeva, one of Sonatas (Beethoven, Scriabin and Prokoviev) and one of Preludes and Fugues (Bach, Liszt, Shostakovich, Franck) each CD with a bonus work as well. Piano music also from Alfonso Soldano, who we welcome to our family of artists, with an awesome disc of music by Sergei Bortkiewicz. Not to be missed, this composer is a natural successor to the Big Romantic tradition of Tchaikovsky and 'parallel' to Rachmaninov. Our new project list is growing more quickly than ever, so we don;t always have time to add a note here - bookmark the Future CDs pagefor updates or better still subscribe to our customer newsletter, which means you get not onlynews but discounts!


Our e-newsletter is published every 2 or 3 months, with details of new releases.  This will contain discount vouchers so to avoid the newsletter ending up in your spam folder, make sure that you clear mail from us and add our address to your "whitelist".  To subscribe to the newsletter, please click here

FUTURE RELEASES:   see the Future CDs Page.

For quick reference, you can now download our catalogues in pdf format or browse the listings.

LATEST RELEASES (click on catalogue number for more information and to order)

JULY 2017 (available for direct CD orders now )
This month sees an emphisis on contemporary music though in varying degrees of "modernity" - a range from the avant garde to the very tradtitional and full details can be seen and direct orders placed by clicking on the catalog numbers. From the 'leading edge' movement we have a fascinating and varied disc of music for flute (solo and with soprano or string trio) from Richard Craig ("Vale" - MSV 28540) Switching to the trumpet as solo lead, and more lyrical material, we hear Chris Gekker, accompanied by soprano, tenor sax or piano!, on 'Ghost Dialogues (MSV 28572). The vocals come to the fore in a very special recital of songs by Betty Roe, one of gthe few real practitioners in the art of contemporary art-song ('The Silver Hound - MSV 28566) and finally the latest (fifth) in our ongoing series featuring the organ music of Carson Cooman (DDA 25154)

JUNE 2017
More traditional styles this month though some great discoveries and rarities. From Poland's finest 20th century composer and one of her greatest young pianists, we have a lovely program of Szymanowski piano works from the hands of Barbara Karaskiewicz (DDA 25151). From the early 18th century and the height of the baroque, the 12 Harpsichord Suites of Johann Mattheson on a piledriving triple disc set in luxury packaging (ATH 23301). And lastly a further tribute to the brilliance of Anthony Goldstone - his last solo recording which sadly he did not live to see 'in print' - typically inventive, Piano at the Ballet vol. 2 (DDA 25148) follows up the first volume with some super-rare music from once-popular ballets by Thiriet, Sauguet and Asafive as well as better known works by Stravinsky, Francaix, Debussy and Poulenc.

MAY 2017
The superb May releases are now available for early-bird ordering and delivery in the store! Chamber music by American composer Kevin Raftery (MSV 28569), British composer Liz Johnson (MSV 77206); British music of a more Romantic nature from Elgar and others (DDA 25145) and the major Schubert project (DDA 21701) - a 7 CD box set of his entire output of works for four hands at one piano, a fitting tribute to the late Anthony Goldstone.

APRIL 2017
The fourth of the Diana Boyle albums will be available on April 21 from all digital download providers and streaming from Amazon, Spotify and the rest. A double album, this includes Bach's six Keyboard Partitas and will not be issued on CD (zda 50601). For both CD and digital release, two very special albums. 'Travelling Light' (dda 25146) is a program of music by Jim Parker, whose TV music for Midsomer Murders, Foyle's War, House of Cards and House of Elliott brings him into millions of households daily. Our other release is also special because it is to raise funds for Parkinsons UK, one of the world's leading charities working in the field of degenerative disease and searching for cures and effective treatments for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and over half of the sales proceeds from every CD sold will go direct to Parkinsons UK. 'Mind Music' is a devotional project by two soloists who both lost parents to these diseases, and features music by two composers in the same position, and two who suffered personally from mental degeneration. (dda 25138)

MARCH 2017
Our digital series continues with the third of Diana Boyle's marvellous interpretations of mainstream classics - this time the gargantual Diabelli Variations by Beethoven. This album is not on CD and will be available to download and stream from all major platforms on March 17; see more detail here (zda 50502). Meanwhile the three new CDs to be launched in March can be ordered now for early delivery, so you can obtain these new CDs a month before your friends. Mezzo-soprano Aylish Kerrigan presents two major vocal works - Schoenberg's Opus 15 and Bodley's 'A Girl' on Metier msv 28560, while we hear a fascinating albu, of piano trios and other chamber works by the super Rhona Clarke (msv 28561); from Divine Art a very recent organ work, and a very distinctive one too - the Organ Symphony No 5 by Andreas Willscher is played by Carson Cooman on dda 25150.

Four splendid new albums are offered for February dealer release. In the classical mainstream, the second of Diana Boyle's digital albums (zda 50501) includes 14 of the Capriccios and Intermezzi for piano by Brahms (not available until Feb 17). Three albums of new music though all accessible and not in the avant-garde are also introduced on both CD and digital. First, we have a disc of intriguing chamber works (dda 25149) by Lydia Kakabadse for the 'alternative string quartet' - violin, viola, cello and bass. Employing her signature 'Arabic scale' modes, this is an excelent follow-up to her recent and very well received disc of choral music. Also with distinctive sounds (very much linked to nature but in different ways) are Nicola LeFanu and David Lumsdaine, who are also husband and wife; David has recently celebrated his 85th birthday and the CD launch will coincide with Nicola's 70th.'Mandala 3' features works by both and is performed by Gemini with soprano Sarah Leonard (msv 28565). Our first co-production with Bavarian Radio in Munich is a delightful and bright program of modern music for piccolo (msv 28562) and we welcome to our family of artists the soloist Natalie Schwaabe and also pianist Jan Philip Schulze.

We start the new year in advance with two albums of more familar music played by the very talented Natalia Andreeva - one disc of Piano Sonatas from Beethoven, Scriabin and Prokofiev (DDA 25140) and one of Preludes and Fugues, by bach, Liszt, Franck and Shostakovich (DDA 25139). Our fourth album of organ music by Carson Cooman concentrates on shorter works in tradtional tonality (Hymnus - DDA 25147). Quartet Choreography is the audio version of our acclaimed DVD by the Kreutzer Quartet; now also on CD by demand (MSVCD 92105). We begin our new digital-only series Intangible Classics with four albums of piano muisic - all major classics - from pianist Diana Boyle, to be released one per month. The first in this new series features Bach's Goldberg Variations (ZDA 50503). As ever we aim to present a wide range of music to suit all tastes and with the highest level of perfomance and production.

SPECIAL DIGITAL SINGLE (available as mp3 download)
As a prelude to her forthcoming album we have rushed out the world premiere recording of Madeleine Mitchell's lovely performance of Romanza, Op. 119a, by David Matthews. With pianist Nigel Clayton, out now here. Only the high quality mp3 is available at present, the HD studio quality audio will folloqw and the track will also be available from iTunes, Amazon and all other major dealers in January.

A fantastic set of new releases - click the cat numbers for details - wonderfully light and joyous music for wind instruments from Peter Hope (DDA 25137); contemporary vocal music from Ireland (MSV 28558) and two gigantic symphonic masterpieces from Vyacheslav Artyomov (DDA 25143, DDA 25144).Also you can now download the star track New York, Sing Me (from DDA25141 From the Old World to the New World) as a digital single (DDS 29004).

Contemporary music can be, we know, challenging, difficult, and it's tricky at times to accept only truly individual and inspied work, not music which is poorly constructed and self indulgent.. Our Metier release this month is truly brilliant and out of this world, not only great music but a ravishing voice. Elizabeth Hilliard shines in 'Sea to the West' (MSV 28551). In more traditional style but still a rarity is the Romantic piano music of Sergei Bortkiewicz, for too long overshadowed by Rachmaninov. Wonderfully played by Alfonso Soldano, Italian pianist and musicologist.(DDA 25142). Last but not least, a genuine world premiere of a work by Mozart; at least, of the complete final version as written by the composer and avoiding major eerrors in the published score. The two great Wind Serenades are played by the European Union Chamber Orchestra conducted by Santiago Mantas (DDA 25136).

Two very different new albums this month - for the new music afficionados, a remarkable CD from composer James Weeks, ensemble and instrumental music ('Signs of Occupation' - MSV 28559) and on the other side of the musical spectrum, a fine CD from Philip Henderson, best known for his stage musicals and music for films. A concept album which includes music in lighter vein ranging from a string ensemble to Broadway ('From the Old World to the New World' - DDA 25141)

JULY 2016
Wonderful new music in traditional styles: A delightful double album of organ music by Carson Cooman, probably America's foremost young composer for the instrument (and a fantastic composer of orchestral and chamber music too.) 'Preludio' (DDA 21229) presents works inspired by and written in the style of the early baroque and renaissance periods, so will delight early music fans too. From Britain, we celebrate the life and work of composer Roy Heaton Smith, with a double set of chamber and vocal music: this is a very fine composer who did not attract during his lifetime the credit or fame he deserved. 'Opening the Door.. to the Music of Roy Heaton Smith is on DDA 21228. A very important recording is the second in our Great Violins series (ATH 23205), featuring the beloved 'Pearl' (a 1647 Niccolo Amati) of the legendary Norwegian violinist Ole Bull: a reconstruction of one of his famed Salon Concerts from the turn of the 20th century with music by Mozart, Grieg, and several others including Bull himself.

APRIL 2016
A feast of new recordings - in very diverse styles! Contemporary music for voice by Michael Finnissy (MSV 28557) and for two pianos (various composers - MSV 77205); sacred choral music by Lydia Kakabadse (DDA 25135) and superb Mozart piano sonatas from Diana Boyle (DDA 21227)

Four fantastic recordings you can now obtain before everyone else! Check out these CDs by clicking the catalog numbers or download the sampler ZIP file!. Sonnets Airs and Dances by Philip Wood (dda 25131), Psallite (exquisite choral music), by Cor Cantiamo (dda 25133), Hohler Fels (new music for flute) by Karin de Fleyt (msv 28555) and Dancing in Daylight - piano trios by Irish composers (msv 28556).

Also for fans of vintage radio, the long awaited re-issue of our Theatre Royal series - nine 2-CD sets with 39 episodes of the classics series from 1952 - the only radio series in which Lord Olivier starred. Buy each volume or purchase the entire set at 25% off! Check it out here

A special showcase for award winning Swedish composer Jonathan Östlund with a 2CD set of chamber, vocal and instrumental music - band newm very accessible and great fun at times... 'Lunaris' is all about the magic of night - check it out (dda21226).
A very special new recording is Burkard Schliessmann's 'Chronological Chopin' - a triple SACD luxury set - a great gift, this will be a collector's edition - details here: ddc25752)

For early music fans, a treat - 16th and 17th century music (much if it very rarely heard) in a superb recital played on a new clavichord built to 17th century specificatons - possibly the only genuine French-style clavichord now in existence.. with leading early music specialist Terence Charlston (dda 25134) - and also modern but very accessible orchestral music from Carson Cooman (Symphony No. 4 and other works) in a mini-album at midprice (ddv 24161)

JUNE 2015
Groundbreaking, stunning visually as well as musically - the new percussion DVD from Mathias Reumert (MSVDX102): The Complete solo piano music of Galina Ustvolskaya performed by Natalia Andreeva is the latest super instalment of our Russian Piano Music series (DDA 25130); piano music of a more traditional Romantic kind, and wonderful it is, from the pen of Roman Statkowski, played by Polish pianist Barbara Karaskiewicz (DDA 25129) [If you like Chopin you will love Statkowski]; from Metier a very unusual and fascinating album of music for clarinet by American composers, played by Ian Mitchell with various collaborators (MSV 28553) and a splendid orchestral disc of music by Fortmann, Nelson and Lieuwen and Merlin Patterson's orchestration of Grainger's Lincolnshire Posy.. All world premieres, nothing shocking or avant garde but brillaint and very varied music! (MSV 28554)

MAY 2015 (available in stores July) another Wow disc is the third volume of the Schubert Unauthorised Piano Duos from Goldstone and Clemmow: two major world premieres and the first recording of the now-completed Unifinished Symphony (dda 25125). From the 21st century we have challenging, exciting and vibrant string quartets from four British composers (New Sounds from Manchester, msv 28546) and much gentler, more traditionally scoredl Romantically-leaning piano and chamber music from Luke Whitlock.

APRIL 2015 (available in stores May)
Wow.. 2015 has seen a mass of baroque music from us.... more classical/romantic/contemporary material in the summer and autumn. We have this month two great albums, both 2CD sets at medium price - so great bargains too; first, the third (and final) instalment of Gilbert Rowland's Handel series, completing the entire set of Harpsichord Suites, on dda 21225. And we start a new series of historical and musical importance and possibly our biggest venture to date: Volume One of 'The Great Violins', a new series which will feature many of the world's most revered and valuable instruments, some of which have not been played for 100 years and have been allowed out of their museums especially for this project. Violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved plays the 24 solo Fantasies by Telemann on an Andrea Amati violin made in 1570...... for this series we have re-launched the Athene label. Supported by the Royal Academy of Music, London, the Library of Congress, Washington DC, and many other major institutions, the series continues with Bach on the renowned 'Joachim' Stradivari (1698). Meanwhile vol. 1 is on ath 23203

MARCH 2015 (available in stores April)
A fantastic new recording of well known baroque masterpieces (yes we specialize in rarities but if a new recording of popular music is so good we just have to produce it!): Four of J S Bach's sublime Keyboard Concertos played by Lucia Micallef with the European Union Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Brian Schembri (dda 25128). Two of the works also appeared on Peter Seivewright's CD (dda 25030), also very fine but the two interpretations are quite different: get both and see! More music for flute and piano, this time from the duo Cantilena (Odinn Baldvinsson and Patricia Romero), some 'staples' from the French Romantic school and two super and quite rare pieces.'Cantilena II' is on dda25126. The only series we manage which is not classical or jazz is the DanSing label of Dan Evans, renowned around the UK and USA as a leading player of the mountain dulcimer. His new CD has already attracted brilliant reviews and is available here (dsm 7) at special price.

FEBRUARY 2015 (available in stores March)
American composer Carson Cooman is also a celebrated concert organist and he brings something special to his compositions for the instrument. Following the 2014 release 'Litany' ("a benchmark recording" - Classical Music Sentinel) Erik Simmons once again is the performer at the Marcussen organ at Laurenskerk, Rotterdam in a program including Cooman's nine Preludes and Fugues and the Organ Symphony (dda25127). From England and a fine addition to our series of new lyrical music we have songs and chamber music by Nicholas Marshall. Anyone wanting something fresh but not modernist will love this (msv 28552). And a major set of music for flute and piano 'From the British Isles' by the renowned duo of Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes on a midprice 2CD set. Luxury packaging and a fine program makes this a potential collector's item. The duo's seventh Divine Art disc and exceptional in every respect (dda 21223).

JANUARY 2015 (available in stores February)
A BEETHOVEN WORLD PREMIERE: how cool is that? Maybe not all in Beethoven's own hand, maybe by a close colleague: what is certain is that Beethoven commissioned a chamber version of the Eroica Symphony to be published alongside the orchestral version. An unknown arranger produced a piano quartet, published in 1807 which has remained unrecorded until now. Magnificent, and also the climax to the Beethoven Explored Series (msvcd2008). (note: Ferdinand Ries produced another version 50 years later which has been recorded.. in our opinion his version is inferior! NEW MUSIC: Two superb discs from Metier: the first of chamber and piano works by David Gorton, including his Second Cello Sonata (msv28550) and another brilliant performance by Mary Dullea, this time of contemporary piano works by seven Irish composers (msv28549). We round off the month with a wonderful disc of solo harpsichord music by Francois Couperin and contemporary English composer Graham Lynch. There is not very much new harpsichord music around - especially not of quality - and Lynch is one of the few to achieve great things in this genre.