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ABREU, Zequinha: Tico-Tico  
ACHRON, Joseph: Hebrew Melody (arr. Auer, Goldstone)  
ADAMS, John: Gnarly Buttons  
AESCHBACHER, Walther: Suite for 4 cellos, op. 44  
AGNEW, Elaine: April Awake  
AGOSTINI, Lodovico: Veni sponsa Christi  
ALBENIZ, Isaac: España, op. 165: no. 2 Tango (arr. Sadleir for solo guitar)  
  España, op. 165: no. 2 Tango (original piano version)  
ALBINONI, Tommaso: Under ye Gloomy Shade  
ALCOCK, Walter: Introduction and Passacaglia  
ALWYN, William: Flute Sonata  
ALFVÉN, Hugo: Swedish Rhapsody No. 1 (Midsummer Vigil)  
ALLEMANOV, Dmitri: Sticherion for the Feast of the Assumption  
ALLEN, Geof: Three Piano Pieces, op.23  
  Piano Sonata no. 4, op.29  
  Naiades (flute and harp)  
ANDERSON, Leroy: Fiddle-Faddle  
d'ANGLEBERT, Jean Henry: Prelude in D minor  
ANON/TRADITIONAL: Agincourt Song  
  Agnes, Beatae Virginis  
  Allah Hu  
  Alma Redemptoris Mater (plainsong)  
  Amo Christum in Cuius Thalamum Introivi  
  L'amour de moi  
  An Office for St Patrick (collection of 15th century Irish plainchant)  
  Ave Regina Caelorum (plainsong)  
  Ave Verum Corpus (plainsong)  
  Bada bada  
  Barbara Allen  
  Beata Agnes in Medio Flammarum  
  Bibi Gol Afruz  
  Billy Boy  
  Blow the Wind Southerly  
  Blow ye Winds, Heigh Ho  
  Bobby Shaftoe  
  Bonny at Morn  
  La Bounette (16th cent.)  
  Buy Broom Buzzems  
  By and By (arr. Carol Barnett)  
  Cantabant Sancti Canticum Novum  
  The Cliffs of Old Tynemouth  
  The Cuckolds Masque  
  The Cullercoats Fish Lass  
  Dance ti thy Daddy  
  Descendi in Hortuum Meum  
  Derwentwater's Farewell  
  Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel (arr. Moses Hogan)  
  The Fairey Masque  
  The Gallowgate Lad  
  Godhead here in Hiding   
  Golden Slumbers (May Fair) (arr. flute/piano)  
  Gol-e bikhar  
  Gol-e zard  
  The Grace Darling Song  
  Gregorian chants  
  Here's a Health to His Majesty  
  Hullaballoo Ballay  
  The Irishman  
  Jam-e narenji  
  The Keel Row  
  The Ladyes Second Masque  
  Longtemps y a que je vis en espoire (16th cent.)  
  Ma Bonny Lad  
  Music in the Street (arr. flute/piano)  
  Naghma-ye kashâl Bairami  
  Naghmeh bajekhaneh  
  Nasar Jan  
  The Nightingale  
  O purest of Creatures (from Paderborn Gesangbuch)  
  The Oak and the Ash  
  5 pieces for clavichord (16th century, arr. Charlston)  
  Prelude a chacun ton (16th cent.)  
  Preludes (4) for clavichord  
  Regina Caeli (plainsong)  
  Regnum mundi et omnem ornatum  
  Salve Regina (plainsong)  
  Sefid kheimeh  
  Sequenza in Onore Sant'Agnese  
  Shah Koko Jan  
  Shirin dokhtar-e maldar  
  Siah Cheshm-e Khumari  
  Siahmu wa Jalali  
  Skye Boat Song (arr. flute/piano)  
  Stans Beata Agnes in Medio Flammarum  
  Sweet Hesleyside  
  The Temple Antick - Masque  
  The Three Ravens  
  There is no rose  
  Traditional Scots songs  
  Wa wa Leili  
  Water of Tyne  
  We shall Walk through the Valley in Peace (arr. Wiliam Appling)  
ARCHANGELSKY, Alexandre: O Mother of God and Virgin  
ARCHBOLD, Paul: Disenchanted Voices  
  Études en mouvement   
  Of Crossed Destinies  
  Pas de Deux  
ARENSKY, Anton: Arabesques (Suite), Op. 67  
  Essais sur des rythmes oubliés, Op. 28  
  12 Études, Op. 74  
  3 Morceaux, Op. 42  
  12 Préludes, Op. 63  
ARNE, Thomas: Cymon & Iphigenia (with harpsichord continuo)  
  Cymon & Iphigenia (with square-piano continuo)  
ARNOLD, Malcolm: The Return of Odysseus  
  Sonata for flute and piano, Op. 21  
  Sonatina for flute and piano, Op. 19 - Allegretto  
ARTYOMOV, Vyacheslav: Ave Atque Vale  
  Ave, Crux Alba  
  Gentle Emanation  
  On the Threshold of a Bright World  
  Tristia II  
ASAFIEV, Boris: The Flames of Paris - Pas de Deux (piano transcription)  
ARUTIUNIAN, Alexander: Impromptu for Cello and Piano  
AUGUNDSSON, Torgeir: Bruremarsj  
AVISON, Charles: 6 Trio Sonatas, op. 1  
  6 Harpsichord Sonatas, op. 5  
  6 Harpsichord Sonatas, op. 7  
  6 Keyboard Sonatas, op. 8  
  12 Concerti Grossi, op. 9 (Avison Ensemble)  
  6 Concerti from op. 9 (Georgian Concert)  
  6 Concerti Grossi, op. 10  
  12 Concerti Grossi after Geminiani's opus 1 sonatas  
  12 Concerti Grossi after Scarlatti