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multi-CD sets
21201 2CD Haddon Hall   Soloists Chorus and Orchestra of The Prince Consort, Edinburgh
21202 2CD Schubert Piano Masterworks, vol. 1   Anthony Goldstone
21203 2CD Schubert Piano Masterworks, vol. 2   Anthony Goldstone
21204 2CD Schubert Piano Masterworks, vol. 3   Anthony Goldstone
21205 2CD Louis Glass: Piano Music   Peter Seivewright
21206 2CD Exequy & Elysium   Samuel Hudson, Samuel Hayes, Lucy Jack
21209 2CD Villa-Lobos: Voice of Brazil   Anna Maria Bondi, Françoise Petit, Les Solistes de Paris,
cond. Henri-Claude Fantapié
21210 2CD Avison: 12 Concerti Grossi after Geminiani   The Avison Ensemble
21211 2CD Avison: 18 Concerti Grossi, op. 9 & 10   The Avison Ensemble
21212 2CD Haydn: Stabat Mater and other works   Soloists, Chorale Philippe-Caillard, Les Solistes de Paris,
cond. Henri-Claude Fantapié
21213 2CD Avison: 12 Concerti Grossi after Scarlatti   The Avison Ensemble
21214 2CD Avison: 12 Trio and Keyboard Sonatas, op. 1 and 8   Robert Howarth with P. Beznosiuk, C. Balding, R. Tunnicliffe
21215 2CD Avison: 12 Harpsichord Sonatas, op. 5 & 7   Gary Cooper, with P. Beznosiuk, C. Balding, R. Michael
21216 2CD Bach: The Six Partitas, BWV825-830   Judith Lambden
21217 2CD Antony Hopkins - A Portrait   Various Artists inc, James Gilchrist, Lesley-Jane Rogers, Jeremy Brett
21218 2CD Live in London   Christopher Langdown
21219 2CD Handel: Suites for harpsichord, volume 1   Gilbert Rowland
21220 2CD Handel: Suites for Harpsichord, volume 2   Gilbert Rowland
21221 2CD Haydn: Complete Notturni & Scherzandi   Jessop & Trinity Haydn Ensembles
21222 2CD The Expressive Voice of the Flute   Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes
21223 2CD From the British Isles   Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes
21224 2CD Sounds of the Chionistra   Lesley-Jane Rogers, Alison Smart, Jennie-Helen Moston, Ellerdale Trio, etc
21225 2CD Handel: Suites for Harpsichord, vol. 3   Gilbert Rowland
21226 2CD Lunaris: Music by Jonathan Östlund   Various Artists
21227 2CD Mozart: Piano Sonatas   Diana Boyle
21228 2CD Heaton Smith - Opening the Door   Various Artists
21229 2CD Preludio - Organ Music by Carson Cooman   Erik Simmons
21371 3CD A Song without Words: The Legacy of Paul Taffanel   Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes
21372 3CD Ronald Stevenson Piano Music   Murray McLachlan
21400 4CD Szymanowski complete piano music   Sinae Lee
21701 7CD Schubert: Complete Piano Duets   Goldstone and Clemmow
MW3 6CD Schubert Piano Masterworks (3 x2CD sets)   Anthony Goldstone
MW4 3CD Williamson Piano Music vols 1-3 together   Murray McLachlan
MW5 10CD Avison: Concerti Grossi etc (5 x2CD)   The Avison Ensemble
MW6 7CD Chisholm Piano Music vols 1-7 together   Murray McLachlan
MW7 6CD Beethoven Explored vols.1-6
  Peter Sheppard Skaerved & Aaron Shorr
MW8 10CD Russian Piano Music volumes 1-12   Goldstone/McLachlan/Dukachev/Andreeva/Soldano
standard price single CDs (2*=2CD for the price of 1)
25001   Cantatas from the Georgian Drawing room   Margarette Ashton/Concert Royal
25002   A Celebration of Cellos   Cello Spice
25003   The Scottish Romantics   Murray McLachlan
25004   My Song is Love   Total Aberdeen Youth Choir
25005   Bach & Modern Australian Piano Music   Trevor Barnard
25006   Galuppi - Complete Piano Sonatas, vol. 1   Peter Seivewright
25007   Galuppi - Complete Piano Sonatas, vol. 2   Peter Seivewright
25008   Elegy - 20th century British Guitar Music   Jonathan Richards
25009   Brahms, Wood, Beethoven Clarinet Trios   Trio Gemelli
25010   Donald Swann - The Isles of Greece   Swann/Broadbridge/Alderdyce/Cresswell; orchestra cond John Janssons
25011   Busoni 24 Preludes - Bliss Piano Sonata   Trevor Barnard
25012   Celestial Harmonies - music for piano by Camilleri   Murray McLachlan
25013   Stevenson - Passacaglia on DSCH   Murray McLachlan
25014   Brahms & Hindemith: Clarinet Sonatas   Colin Bradbury & Bernard Roberts
25015   Galuppi piano sonatas, volume 3   Peter Seivewright
25016   Copland Piano Music   Raymond Clarke
25017   Blue Wrens - Australian piano music   Trevor Barnard
25018   Shostakovich & Panufnik piano music   Raymond Clarke
25019   Woodworks - music for recorder   Tamara Gries
25020   Tchaikovsky for Four Hands   Goldstone and Clemmow
25021   Decoding Skin   Philip Howard
25022   Piano Music for Children   Raymond Clarke
25023   Heaven's Happiness   Voces Oxenienses
25024   Explorations   Goldstone and Clemmow
25025   The Obbligato Clarinet   Eirian James, Robert Murray, Colin Bradbury, Oliver Davies
25026   Schubert - The Unauthorised Piano Duos   Goldstone and Clemmow
25027   The Way to Heaven   Voces Oxonienses
25028   Dvorak & Mendelssohn Symphonies for 4 Hands   Goldstone and Clemmow
25029   Beethoven Piano Music   Anthony Goldstone
25030   J S Bach - 4 Klavierkonzerte   Peter Seivewright
25031   The Everlasting Habitations (James Cook organ music)   Myles Hartley
25032   Orientale - music for piano duo inspired by the East   Goldstone and Clemmow
25033   Tzigane - gypsy-inspired music for piano   Anthony Goldstone
25034   Five-Fifteen - A tribute to the BBC Dance Orchestra   The Swing Swindlers
25035   Arnold: The Return of Odysseus, etc   City of Glasgow Chorus/Scottish Opera Orchestra
25036   Live at Restoration House   Jill Crossland
25038   Graham Whettam: Piano Music   Goldstone and Clemmow
25039   Schubert Unauthorised Piano Duos, vol. 2   Goldstone and Clemmow
25040   The Voice of the Clarinet   Cristo Barrios & Clinton Cormany
25041   Buxtehude: Organ Music   David Hamilton
25042   Grieg for Piano Duo   Goldstone and Clemmow
25044   Forbidden Voices   Judith Sheridan & Craig Combs
25045   Elgar Symphony 2 & Hoddinott Investiture Dances   National Youth Orch. of Wales / O A Hughes
25046   Mozart on Reflection   Goldstone and Clemmow
25047   Fortmann: Requiem, etc   Accademia Amiata
25048   Gossiana: Tribute to John Goss   Giles Davies, Steven Devine, Goss Male Quartet
25049   The Far Country - 26 English Songs   James Gilchrist & Anna Tilbrook
25050   Fantasie - music for horn   Etienne Cutajar
25051   Unheard Mozart   Anthony Goldstone
25052   American Piano Sonatas   Peter Seivewright
25053   The Testament of Dr. Cranmer   Christopher Watson, Eight:Fifteen Vocal Ensemble, etc
25054   "Enchantment" - music for flute   Kenneth Smith & Paul Rhodes
25056   Brian Chapple - Piano Music   Goldstone and Clemmow
25058   "Dedication"   Kris Lennox
25059 2* John Garth: Cello Concertos   Avison Ensemble, Richard Tunnicliffe
25060   Music by David Earl   George Corbett, James Sherlock, David Earl
25061   The English Flute   Celia Redgate and Michael Dussek
25062   Alessandro Grandi - Motets   Musica Secreta
25063   Violin Songs   Madeleine Mitchell and Andrew Ball
25064   Protege: Liszt & Reubke Sonatas   Anthony Hewitt
25065   Apostle of Ireland   Canty
25066   To Pan and Syrinx   Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes
25067   A Night at the Opera   Anthony Goldstone
25068   Cello Diverse   Susanne Beer and Gareth Hancock
25069   By the River in Spring   Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes
25070   Chopin for Piano duo   Goldstone and Clemmow
25072   Guido: The Four Seasons   The Band of Instruments
25073   The Piano at the Ballet   Anthony Goldstone
25074   Unaccompanied   George Zacharias
25076   The Piano at the Carnival   Anthony Goldstone
25077   Sacred Hearts, Sacred Music   Musica Secreta
25079   Mahler: Symphony no. 10   Christopher White
25080   Russian Piano vol. 1 - Shostakovich and Comrades   Murray McLachlan
25081   Russian Piano Music, vol. 2 - Rebikov   Anthony Goldstone
25082   Jeffreys: Idylls and Elegies   Jonathan Veira, Shelley Katz, Paul Bateman, Philharmonia Orch, etc
25083   Russian Piano Music, vol. 3 - Glière   Anthony Goldstone
25084   Russian Piano Music, vol. 4 - Lyapunov   Anthony Goldstone
25085   Russian Piano Music, vol. 5 - Arensky   Anthony Goldstone
25086   Inspiration - Homage to Maria Curcio   Anthony Goldstone
25087   John Ellis - Music for Organ, vol. 2   Robin Walker
25088   J S Bach - Organ Music   David Hamilton
25089   The Jazz Age (for piano duo)   Goldstone and Clemmow
25090   Rainlight - Evocations of Water   Jeremy Eskenazi
25091   Venice in Mexico   The Mexican Baroque Orchestra, conducted by Miguel Lawrence
25092   Music by John Rose   Edinburgh Quartet, Robert Melling
25093   Tchaikovsky Rare Transcriptions, vol. 1   Anthony Goldstone
25094   Madrigali: Fire and Roses   Con Anima Chamber Choir, cond. Paul Mealor
25095   Russian Piano Music, vol. 6 - Rachmaninov   Sergei Dukachev
25096   Russian Piano Music, vol. 7 - Prokofiev   Sergei Dukachev
25097 2* Bach: The Art of Fugue   Diana Boyle
25098   Hans Gál: Complete Piano Duos   Goldstone and Clemmow
25099   Terzetti: Flute, viola and harp trios   The Debussy Ensemble
25100   Russian Piano Music, vol. 8 - Mussorgsky   Anthony Goldstone
25101   Delicias - Spanish Delights   Goldstone and Clemmow
25104   Magical Places   Goldstone and Clemmow
25105   Russian Piano Music, vol. 9 - Weinberg I   Murray McLachlan
25107   Russian Piano Music, vol. 10 - Weinberg II   Murray McLachlan
25108 2* Stephen Beville in Karlsruhe   Stephen Beville
25109   Of Times and Seasons   Lesley-Jane Rogers & Jennie-Helen Moston
25110   David Jennings: Music for Piano   James Willshire
25111   Mozart, Beethoven, Bach-Busoni piano works   Jill Crossland
25112   Absolutely: Music for string quartet & jazz soloists   Uwe Steinmetz/Mads Tolling/Fitzwilliam String Quartet
25113   The Operatic Pianist   Andrew Wright
25114   Remembering Alfred Deller   James Bowman, Robin Blaze, John Turner, Laura Robinson, etc
25115 2* Garth: Keyboard Sonatas, Op. 2& 4   Gary Cooper, Avison Ensemble
25116   Litany - Organ Music by Carson Cooman   Erik Simmons
25117   In Beauty Walking - music for string orchestra   Leah Crane, Chloe Trevor, Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra
25118   Rimsky-Korsakov for Piano Duo   Goldstone and Clemmow
25119   Ellis: Concert Music   Various Orchestras
25120   Beyond the River God   Assi Karttunen
25121   Whitlock: Flowing Waters   Duncan Honeybourne
25122   The Harmonious Thuringian   Terence Charlston
25123   Three Generations of Mazurkas   Alexander Kostritsa
25124   Handel's Recorder   Ruth Wilkinson, Miriam Morris, John O'Donnell
25125   Schubert Unauthorised Piano Duos. vol. 3   Goldstone and Clemmow
25126   Cantilena II   Odinn Baldvinsson & Patricia Romero
25127   Masque - Organ music by Carson Cooman   Erik Simmons
25128   Bach: Keyboard Concertos   Lucia Micallef / EU Chamber Orchestra / Brian Schembri
25129   Roman Statkowski - piano music   Barbara Karaskiewicz
25130 2* Galina Ustvolskaya complete piano music   Natalia Andreeva
25131   Sonnets, Airs and Dances   Various Artists
25133   Psallite   Cor Cantiamo
25134   Mersenne's Clavichord   Terence Charlston
25135   Cantica Sacra   Alumni of the Choir of Clare College Cambridge
25136   Mozart: Wind Serenades   EU Chamber Orchestra / Santiago Mantas
25137   Wind Blown - wind sonatas   Various Artists
25138   Mind Music   Elizabeth Jordan/Lynsey Marsh/NCO/cond. Stephen Barlow
25139   Preludes and Fugues   Natalia Andreeva
25140   Piano Sonatas   Natalia Andreeva
25141   From the Old World to the New World   The Green and Pleasant Band
25142   Sergei Bortkiewicz piano music   Alfonso Soldano
25143   Artyomov: Symphony: On the Threshold..   National Philharmonic of Russia / Vladimir Ashkenazy
25144   Artyomov: Gentle Emanation Symphony, etc   Russian National Orchestra / V. Ponkin & T. Currentzis
25146   Travelling Light   Various Artists
25147   Hymnus: Organ music by Carson Cooman   Erik Simmons
25148   The Piano at the Ballet, vol. 2   Anthony Goldstone
25149   Lydia Kakabadse - Concertato   sound collective
25150   Willscher: Organ Symphony No. 5   Carson Cooman
25151   Karol Szymanowski piano music   Barbara Karaskiewicz
25154   Exordium: Organ Music by Carson Cooman   Erik Simmons
multichannel hybrid SACD/CD
25751 SACD J S Bach: Keyboard Works   Burkard Schliessmann
25752 3SACD Chronological Chopin   Burkard Schliessmann
Digital only albums (Intangible Classics series)
50501 D Brahms: Intermezzi and Capriccios   Diana Boyle
50502 D Beethoven: Diabelli Variatons, Op. 120   Diana Boyle
50503 D Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 899   Diana Boyle
50601 D Bach: Six Keyboard Partitas, BWV825-830   Diana Boyle
mini-album "EP" and single. "D" = digital download only
29001   rout one   [rout]
29002 D Now sleeps the crimson petal   Con Anima Chamber Choir, cond. Paul Mealor
29003 D The Heavenly Anchorage   Abigail Smith, Elizabeth Scorah
29004 D New York, Sing Me!   Pia Sukanya / The Green and Pleasand Band
29005 D David Matthews: Romanza   Madeleine Mitchell & Nigel Clayton
27801   Sibelius: Symphonies 5/6, Tapiola   LSO/Kajanus; Finnish N.O./Schnéevoigt
27802 2CD Mendelssohn: Elijah   Williams/Jones/Baillie/Serena/BBC Chorus
27803   Beethoven: Piano Trios   Trio Santoliquido (available only as an export from the UK)
27804   Bach: The Art of Fugue (Die Kunst der Fuge), BWV1080   The Roth Quartet (available only as an export from the UK)
27805 2CD Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci   British National Opera Company
27806   Moeran & Coates: Violin Concertos   BBCNO/Groves; BBCSO/Boult
27807   Milhaud: Orchestral Music   Vienna SO, San Francisco SO etc (available only as an export from the UK)
27808   Moeran: Symphony, String Trio etc   Halle Orch/Heward and other arists
27809 2CD Bizet: Carmen   Thill, Visconti, Paris Opera, conducted by Elie Cohen
27810 2CD Gounod: Faust (in Italian)   La Scala, Milan, cond. Sabajno
27811 2CD Warlock: Collected 78rpm recordings   Various Artists