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"This must be one of the most ambitious recording projects of our time"
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Amongst modern British composers, the name of Michael Finnissy is particularly eminent; his music can be uncompromising but is always fresh and inventive, as shown in his staggering sets of transcriptions of Verdi arias. Here Ian Pace also presents Finnissy's Fourth and Sixth Piano Concertos, confusingly written for solo piano.  A tour de force of composition and performance, this CD was long out of print and has been re-released at mid-price by popular demand. One of the Metier Finnissy series, and a seminal recording in contemporary piano music.

CD DURATION:  CD1 76:02  CD2 70:49  

AUDIO SAMPLE: Verdi Transcriptions., no. 3 (extract) 






Verdi Transcriptions, Book I (9 tracks)
Verdi Transcriptions, Book II (9 tracks)
Piano Concerto no. 4
Piano Concerto no. 6
To & Fro

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“Once again Metier is doing Michael Finnissy proud. The result is something thoroughly new, and entirely compelling, especially when given the ardent advocacy of Ian Pace, whose ability to combine thoughtfulness with extreme virtuosity can be heard nowhere better than here. Recommended.” ××××× - Christopher Dingle (BBC Music Magazine)
“Absolute technical control, a quality fully realised in the magnificently truthful recording. This must be one of the most ambitious recording projects of our time, and it deserves the widest encouragement and support.” - Arnold Whittall (Gramophone, 2002)
“An entirely creative use of virtuosity… together with it goes an acute understanding and enjoyment of all the things that sheer virtuosity can draw from the piano. Throughout, Ian Pace's technique astounds.” – Michael Oliver (International Record Review)
“Pace's pianistic achievement… is quite remarkable.” - Philip Clark (The Wire)
“Fine set… Pace’s imposing pianism and extraordinary devotion to the cause… one of the finest around. Music that’s heartfelt and approachable yet densely ambiguous.” – Philip Clark (Gramophone, 2008)

“ Ian Pace's double-take-inducing virtuosity is showcased with even greater dazzlement [than previously] on Metier's double album featuring, among other things, Finnissy's   Verdi Transcriptions . The scope exhibited in the   Verdi Transcriptions  is enormous, as is Finnissy's preparedness to go way beyond an immediately obvious treatment... , demonstrating an intimidatingly brilliant and broad range of compositional invention, pushing the word ‘idiomatic' to its pianistic limit. The way in which Pace navigates his way through these pieces and ensures their complexities are intelligible is amazing.” – Simon Cummings (5against4)